Rachel Abrams (she/her) loves creating communal Jewish experiences that make participants feel cared for, intellectually/spiritually engaged, and welcome. After earning a BFA in Drama from Carnegie Mellon, Rachel spent the past five years working in the theater world, primarily as a dramaturg helping writers develop new plays and musicals. Now, Rachel uses her theater background to make Jewish education and rituals engaging in our current moment. She also loves nerding out over Jewish texts, using the analysis skills she learned in the theater to make ancient literature come alive.


Rachel remains constantly amazed by how, regardless of one’s theology, our ancestors’ wisdom remains relevant guidance for taking better care of each other, our world, and our selves. With this wisdom, Rachel believes we can find tools to build a world that is actively anti-racist, intersectionally feminist, safe for people of all sexualities and gender expressions, sustainable, equitable, and accessible.


Rachel is a lifelong musician, primarily as a singer and harpist, and has wonderful memories from singing a cappella in college. She loves creative writing and dabbles in visual arts as well. In the kitchen, Rachel strives to live up to her mother’s legacy as a master baker, and enjoys trying new vegetarian recipes with her partner, Josh.