We are a growing online Jewish learning community fueled by spiritual seekers from around the world.  From Cleveland to Rome, from Paris to Madrid, from Upstate New York back to Brooklyn: we gather together to learn and pray, to support and love one another, and to discover our own special Torah.

We are radically inclusive and radically loving.  That means that we love you, for you.  We as a community recognize that we are all on our own paths.  Wherever you are-- whoever you are-- you are an integral part of our community. And we appreciate you're unique flavor that you bring to our learning, cultural, and social events. 


As a community, we yearn to create financially accessible Judaism.  WWT members have the unique opportunity to contribute to our community in various ways to help maintain our free and inexpensive events.  We are so thankful to all of our members, who are really builders, many of which have been able to contribute financially to our community, others with other means. 

Our community is open to Jews, almost-Jews, those who love Jews, and everyone in between.  You are welcome here to grow, explore, play, and find meaning in the difficult task of being human.

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Meet Our Team

Josh Gischner

Student Rabbi, Jewish Educator

Rachel Abrams


Jamie Field

Student Rabbi, Social Media Intern