Yisrael, means "God Wrestlers." 

In this space, we celebrate that wrestling spirit.

We are a radically inclusive

online Jewish Learning community,

welcoming Jews, almost-Jews,

non-Jews, and the Jew curious

from all around the world.

Come join us live or asynchronously,

and wrestle with the complexities of life and

discover your Torah.

"Learning Hebrew with WWT has been of incredible help. The way everyone was so open to discussion and keen to help was amazing ! It was really fun to learn Hebrew with Josh and everyone. It was actually the first time I felt I was a part of a community."

- Carmen, Paris, France

"I’m so glad I came across Wrestlers on

social media. It’s a great resource to learn and come together and is intentionally developed with love and inclusion in mind and I can’t wait to see what other classes and events there are in the future!"

-  Beth, Columbus, OH

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

"WWT is a place where anyone and everyone can participate, and inclusivity is not just an easy buzzword, but the real cornerstone of the community. I cannot think of a better, more positive site to learn, share and celebrate together."

Frabizio, Rome, Italy

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"WWT will make you feel safe in your decision to convert."

Juno, Clarksville, TN